The purpose of RoCKIn was to foster innovation in cognitive systems and robotics through the design and implementation of competitions over a 3 year period. InnoCentive was part of the consortium and primarily in charge of dissemination. As Marketing Programme Manange for InnoCentive, I had several main responsibilities for the project.


My role in marketing was to manage social media accounts, run newsletters, design brochures, leaflets, banners, posters and merchandise and help re-develop the website for year 2 & 3.

Event Management & Sponsors

Event management was required for organising and attending camps, competitions and conferences around Europe, including securing sponsorship such as Shadow Robot Company for the final event.

Was it successful?

The overall project was a great success, and there were some pretty impressive robots being made. I had the opportunity to create some fun designs (including a 33ft banner!), attract people to the project and work with a great team across Europe.