InnoCentive crowdsource ideas and innovation solutions to important business, social, policy, scientific, and technical challenges. As Marketing Programme Manager, my role has encompassed many different aspects of marketing for commercial, government and non-profit clients.

Digital Marketing

My role in the digital marketing side of InnoCentive includes managing the online advertising account on Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn. This involves constant monitoring & optimisation of display and PPC ads to ensure we stay within budget, maintain an optimum cost per acquisition and generate leads.

Digital & Print Design

At the beginning of 2016, InnoCentive underwent a major and much needed re-design. My role was to design and create the new website, brand guidelines and blog site, along side my Director of Marketing. Additionally, I updated all resources such as case studies, white papers and conference materials to adhere to the new style.

Social Media & Content Creation

I am responsible for the InnoCentive social media accounts, ensuring the Challenges are posted and sharing relevant company & industry information with the world.